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With any instrument, the value is in its ease of use and the benefits it delivers.

In the cellular network world, the demand for measurement of network signals grows and grows… and with it, the need to gain results quickly and easily.

Siretta – through its SNYPER family – have provided a developing range of instruments for cellular product installation and service personnel. These will:

• Conduct cellular surveys
• Store results
• Use USB to download results to a PC
• Assist with identifying best signal direction

Now with the latest development on the SNYPER-LTE family of products, you also have the benefit of alternative language options.

With users ranging from single installers to major utility companies across Europe, a key part of the feedback from our clients has been to have the SNYPER-LTE family of products in 4 other major languages alongside English, these being French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Quite simply, that’s what we have done! For all new SNYPER-LTE products shipped from Siretta September 2017 onwards; French, German, Italian and Spanish are now user selectable from the Setup part of the Main Menu.

This development is great for single users as well as large service & installation teams, providing further ease of use and understanding.

For those who already have SNYPER-LTE products (SNYPER-LTE and SNYPER-LTE Spectrum models), you can add these languages by upgrading to the latest firmware – available on the SNYPER-LTE pages of the Siretta website in the downloads section:

SNYPER-LTE Spectrum Firmware