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Dear Customer,
we are so pleased to announce a new high-performance product that has just been added to our standard production line: the PR800.
Our new product joins the current PR series (thick film resistors), expanding the available power rate from the previous 600W up to 800W.
This type of product can be used in various applications and the advantages related to its use are mainly linked to these technical aspects:

  • An excellent ratio between power and volume
  • Easy mechanical assembly and electrical connection
  • Naturally non-inductive construction for high-frequency applications  

Attached to this email, you’ll find the full technical datasheet which will allow you to check-out the potential of this new product which is currently having a great success in many applications, particularly where it is important to have a lot of power in small dimensions.

The range of ATE electronic components includes professional wire-wound resistors and thick film technology resistors.