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New ED100 and ED101 common-mode choke range specifically designed for attenuation requirements in the lighting industry

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new common-mode choke range for lighting applications.

Lighting LED drivers need to be high in efficiency, low in cost and compliant to EMC regulations. The ED100 / ED101 series increases the efficiency of a LED driver circuit by reducing the need for X-capacitors. Thus, the power factor rises, and less unwanted reactive power is generated.  

The inductor is a combination of a strong common-mode inductance with a significant differential-mode inductance. It offers two filtering elements in one component. This helps the circuit designer to reduce the number of elements on the PCB, to reduce space requirement as well as lowering costs. Combined with the high MTBF value of the ED100 / ED101 series, a circuit design with reduced number of components profits for its overall reliability and lifetime.

Features and Benefits

  • Common and differential mode inductance in one package
  • Very high differential-mode inductance
  • Rated currents 0.2 to 2 A
  • High reliability with MTBF of 13 million hours
  • Increased power factor and reduced earth leakage current by eliminating or reducing capacitors

Typical Applications
LED equipment, mostly within LED drivers and displays, fluorescent lamp ballasts or any other application that with high demand for differential mode performance.

LINK to the DataSheet