The accurate choice of the best brands on the market, the screening of qualified and reliable commercial partners, a solid experience and, most of all, a constant attention towards the needs of our clients: these are the strong points of the entrepreneurial philosophy of La Tecnika Due.

Active on the electronic market of the North-West Italy from over a quarter century, we started working with clients from Piedmont, Liguria, Valle d’Aosta and we deliver today our electronic components all over Italy.

Our attention to technical hitches and our professional and propositional approach towards the demands of the designer let us spread our distributions all over the country.

Our selling strength is due to a modern and evolved management system, customized to handle the offers, the orders and the delivering documents in real time; we assist and help the client, from the request till the dispatch, promptly and precisely. Our sellers are periodically updated on the most important novelties among our products, and they are at your disposal to inform you about the best solutions for your needs. Besides, La Tecnika Due supports her clients also during the development and the use of her products thanks to internal engineers always on the cutting edge of technology.

In 2023, La Tecnika Due became part of the European group Syscom-Prorep. The result of the merger of several SMEs with different areas of expertise, including Syscom Electronique, Prorep, 6TA, Aptech, BF Display, Atemation and La Tecnika Due in Italy, the Syscom-Prorep group distributes a wide range of innovative solutions to manufacturers of high-tech equipment.


Drawing on more than 30 years’ experience, Syscom-Prorep has genuine expertise in the fields of wireless communications, displays, industrial PCs, sensors and active components, and lithium batteries.

The Syscom-Prorep organization is made up of almost eighty people, and meets the most demanding criteria in the profession.
Driven by a passion for technology, the Syscom-Prorep teams select suppliers who bring genuine innovation to their markets.

The Syscom-Prorep/La Tecnika Due group generates sales of around €60 million, and has two logistics centers in Lisses (91) and Turin. The group is a member of the SPDEI and ASSODEL unions.

Driven by a passion for technology, the teams at Syscom-Prorep/La Tecnika Due select suppliers that bring true innovation to their markets.

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