Our People’s knowledge and creativity foster a constant growth for La Tecnika Due’s business. Our Team is proven to be successful and reliable; we are eager to help and support our Customers during each phase of the selection of the product. We see our Clients as Partners; for this reason, we want our Customers to purchase the products that best satisfy their needs; we want our Customer to save money on their electronic components purchases and become more efficient, in order to grow together with them and establish a long-term oriented partnership.




LA TECNIKA DUE SRL has always been oriented towards maximizing the quality of products offered through a careful policy of purchased materials and resource management towards the full satisfaction of customer needs.
This last aspect proved to be of particular importance over time and led the company management, which has always had the primary objective of fully satisfying the requests of its customers, to set up a Quality Management System which is now adequately documented and implemented with the implementation of the ISO UNI EN 9001: 2015.
In this process the strength of the values ??of the management is decisive and the consequent diffusion in the company structure of the sharing of our Quality System.
We are convinced that in business it is the human thickness that makes the difference between success and failure: the efficient staff is obtained with the continuous and careful care of capable people, like those of LA TECNIKA DUE SRL.
We pride ourselves on the individual, adequately trained and trained individuals, a unique heritage and an important value for the company, which is capitalized from year to year and in which the quality policy finds its maximum expression.
The primary objective of the Company is to always improve its ability to respond to the demands of the market and customers, both in terms of technical competence and reliability.
With this in mind, the Quality Management System represents for the company management a guide for the organization and management of processes.
In order to achieve the objectives described, the company management renews its commitment:
• to define yearly, specific and measurable objectives for each critical business process for the quality of the service and to disclose it to all parties involved through specific training;
• to support the objectives defined through periodic reviews planned and adequately formalized;
• to provide all the resources – human, economic, technical and logistic – necessary for the achievement of the defined objectives.

Turin, 03/30/2018