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AIMTEC warns that counterfeit products of its DC/DC converter lineup are currently being sold to an increasing number of unsuspecting customers worldwide. These products will be less reliable and have inferior performance compared to their authentic counterpart. Counterfeit parts are not only a fraudulent imitation of our products but also could cause severe property damage, personal injuries, and financial liability due to product malfunction. They can be identified in two simple ways. Their unreasonably low selling price should be the first warning sign. Also, there is a complete list of authorized AIMTEC distributors on our website, which can be viewed here. Therefore, if you have ordered from a distributor not present on our list of franchised distributors, you may be in the possession of counterfeit products. AIMTEC advises you to contact us if such a discovery were to be made so that we can provide you with authentic AIMTEC products. Purchasing our products from one of AIMTEC’s authorized distributors ensures you not only receive authentic products but also our technical support and product warranty, which are not offered on counterfeit parts.