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At the beginning of June, the meeting between President Claudio Implicito and all sales staff and AIMTEC’s Sales Manager in Europe took place in Turin, La Tecnika Due offices. A partnership that has been in place for some years now with a national distribution agreement.

Aimtec celebrates 15 years of activity

The results are very interesting as a leading brand in DC / DC and AC / DC converters. A brand distributed by La Tecnika Due as the only national and independent importers. In particular, from the laboratories in Canada, the 3/5 Watt DC / DC “AM 3 and AM4 -xx-NZ” DC / DC modules have come out and are of great interest with unique and definitely improved features. Celebrating 15 years of AIMTEC’s business, the market and La Tecnika Due have been able to know, appreciate and develop this important product. A product now applicable in every branch of electronics.