Quectel M66 module, SoC GSM/GPRS

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M66If you are looking for a SoC solution (System on Chip) for applications where is requested a GPRS connection data, the answer is in the new M66 Quectel module.

M66 is just 17,7mm x 15,8mm (The Smallest GSM/GPRS module on the market) and offers the Communications GPRS data, an additional Bluetooth 3.0 communication channel and the possibility to use the OpenCpu function, that makes available the micro module programming it to manage the peripherals of your card.

All at a good price!!!

Features of Quectel M66 module:
• Reduced Size 17.7 mm x 15.8 mm x 2.3 mm
• Low power (1.2mA @ DRX = 9)
• Quad band 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz
• Supported protocols: TCP/UDP/PPP/FTP/HTTP/SMTP/CMUX/SSL
• GPRS class 12: 85.6kbps (downlink / uplink)
• SMS spec: P to P MO and the mountain, spread, text and PDU mode mobile phone SMS
• Bluetooth on the chip: the 3.0 SPP / OPP mode
• Interfaces AVAILABLE 3 UART, PCM 1, 1 input 10-bit A / D, 1 RTC, digital I / O
• OpenCpu for programming and application management on chip
• Internet service protocols, multiple socket & IP addresses
• Supports functionality QuecLocator and QuecCell
Starter Kit at a very interesting price!
Available SW test and QNAVIGATOR project to develop graphically your management program application in an easy and intuitive way.
Download it now, for free, from HERE
Or watch the video to how you can use it in a Quick and efficient: VIDEO.

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