ABLIC Inc. is a manufacturer of analog semiconductors, founded in 1968, initially focusing on CMOS ICs for quartz watches. Over 50 years, they’ve specialized in small, low-power consumption, and accurate analog semiconductor products for diverse applications. Their name, “ABLIC,” reflects their mission to make the impossible possible. They excel in low-current consumption, low-voltage operation, and ultra-small package technologies. Their solutions are known for being “Small, Smart, Simple,” leading to innovative and environmentally friendly products. Despite challenges like economic crises and pandemics, ABLIC has persisted with global support. They hold significant market shares in products like lithium-ion batteries protection ICs and automotive memory products. Looking ahead, ABLIC sees analog semiconductor products as crucial for electronically enhanced vehicles and IoT. Committed to addressing global environmental issues, they aim to create a future marked by peace and happiness. Leveraging synergies with the MinebeaMitsumi Group, ABLIC strives to support people’s lives through innovation and action, guided by their motto, “ABLIC can do it.”

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