Nisshinbo is a Japanese company that operates in several industrial sectors, including automotive, electronics, energy, materials, fashion and healthcare. It is particularly known for its presence in the advanced materials and electronic components industries.

In the electronic sector, Nisshinbo is involved in the production of advanced materials for printed circuit boards (PCBs) and flexible films. These materials are essential for manufacturing electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, mobile phones, and other electronic equipment.

  1. Materials for Printed Circuit Boards (PCB):
    • Nisshinbo manufactures advanced materials used in the creation of printed circuit boards, which form the foundation of many electronic devices. These materials include insulating substrates, copper, coating layers, and other elements that contribute to electrical conduction and circuit stability.
  2. Advanced Technologies:
    • Nisshinbo invests in research and development of advanced technologies to enhance the performance and characteristics of electronic materials. This includes the development of lighter, more flexible, conductive, and durable materials to meet the growing needs of the electronic industry.
  3. Environmental Sustainability:
    • Like many companies in the electronic sector, Nisshinbo has shown an increasing interest in environmental sustainability. The company may be involved in the development of materials and production processes that reduce environmental impact and promote more eco-friendly practices.

Nisshinbo plays a key role in supplying essential materials for the electronic industry, contributing to the development of increasingly advanced, lightweight, and flexible devices. These materials are crucial for the continuous evolution of electronic technology and innovative applications across various sectors.

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