Tecon srl is born, develops and continues to grow to be a point of reference in the field of electrical testing in Italy.
The production of all semi-finished products and the internal control of all assembly and finishing processes allow Tecon srl to produce a very wide range of products for electrical testing.
Spring Contact Probe standard for ICT / FCT, Battery Probe, High Current Probe, Switch Probe, Interface Contact and Rigid Pin are the families of products that make and are used in the most diverse sectors, from the electrical test of Pcb to Automotive, from Medical Aerospace.
The strength of Tecon srl lies in being able to produce even non-standard products, in medium and large quantities, building each product in accordance with the needs of the customer and giving a prompt and accurate technical assistance and advice.
In addition to producing Spring Contact Probe, they are specialized in the production of many details of precision micromechanics, electrical test accessories such as pressers, spacers, plugs and bushings.

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