Xcelite is a brand of hand tools geared towards the electronics service industry. It is currently owned by Apex Tool Group and markets screwdrivers, nut drivers, pliers, and various specialized electronics tools.

Xcelite was founded in 1921 by F. Birney Farrington, as the Park Metalware Company,Inc., a small metalworking shop in Orchard Park, New York. The company marketed tools under the “XCEL” and, later, “Xcelite” brand names. By 1952, the Xcelite brand name was so well known in the electronics, television and radio repair industries, the company changed its corporate name to Xcelite, Inc..

In 1973, the brand was purchased by Cooper Industries.

In 2010, the brand was transferred to Apex Tool Group, a joint venture formed by Cooper Industries and Danaher Corporation.

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