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Dear Customers and Partners
Fixed wireless access (FWA) is not a new concept; solutions have been around for more than two decades but have only had limited applications because performance has been too limited to support mainstream consumer applications, such as home broadband. Before the arrival of 4G, FWA was confined to specific applications, connecting small numbers of devices such as meters and sensors. However, the arrival of 4G and in particular higher performance variants such as LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) has made the technology viable and 5G, where available, takes FWA to a new level, offering performance of up to 10Gbps, depending on spectrum band and cell-site density.
Quectel’s latest white paper, ‘Why fixed wireless access can provide a fiber alternative with rapid rollout’ assesses how FWA can compete in the fixed broadband market against DSL, cable and fiber. To succeed, FWA services must provide performance that is sufficient to support appetites for streaming video and social networking and gaming. 5G can easily accommodate this and therefore 5G FWA is an attractive alternative, especially in areas where fiber or other connectivity is unavailable.
The white paper also details how Quectel’s comprehensive portfolio of modules facilitates the design and production of FWA CPE products such as routers, gateways, and fixed 4G/5G wireless repeaters that can be installed indoor or outdoor by operators, companies or end users.