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The SNYPER family of products are high performance, multi-language network signal analysers and cellular signal loggers, dedicated to surveying and logging the 4G/LTE, 3G/UMTS & 2G/GSM cellular networks.

The CloudSURVEY portal allows you to export and save all of your cellular survey results from a compatible SNYPER product to your account in the cloud. The CloudSURVEY software has a host of features, allowing you to view approximate base-station positions on a map and determine the most suitable network for your application.

The CloudSURVEY portal simultaneously calculates the entire available network resources in the area where the survey was performed and displays the relative dominance of each mobile network operator. This allows you to make an informed decision about the optimal cellular network, taking into consideration network technology, network reliability, average signal strength, base-station position and network density.

The user can apply filters to adapt the results list and in addition, the portal has the ability to determine where your base-stations are located in relation to where your survey was performed. It can store all survey results in one central location with custom categories and individual survey labels for future identification.

  • Provide approximate base-station position information for all available networks
  • Store all survey results in a central location in the cloud
  • Recall survey results and compare results against each other
  • Label and categorise survey results
  • Dynamically show individual network technologies on a single map
  • Dynamically show network signal strength heat map
  • Automatically calculate network dominance for each saved survey
  • Display advanced network parameters visually for easy comparison