The result of the merger of several SMEs with different areas of expertise, including Syscom Electronique, Prorep, 6TA, Aptech, BF Display, Atemation and La Tecnika Due in Italy, the Syscom-Prorep group distributes a wide range of innovative solutions to manufacturers of high-tech equipment. Drawing on more than 30 years’ experience, Syscom-Prorep has genuine expertise in the fields of wireless communications, displays, industrial PCs, sensors and active components, and lithium batteries.
The Syscom-Prorep group, together with its Italian subsidiary, generates sales of around €60 million, and has two logistics centers in Lisses (91) and Turin. The group is a member of the SPDEI and ASSODEL unions
The Syscom-Prorep organization is made up of almost eighty people, and meets the most demanding criteria in the profession.
Driven by a passion for technology, the Syscom-Prorep teams select suppliers who bring genuine innovation to their markets.

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