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We are going through a very difficult historical moment in which the health emergency has raised the level of economic uncertainty; at this particular moment, LA TECNIKA DUE will be back in operation from April the 14th.

In almost 40 years of activity we have always guaranteed our customers and business partners the best service, especially in these anomalous days, to allow everyone to stay in touch and allow people to work in complete safety.

We are convinced that it is precisely in moments of crisis that inventiveness, creativity, discoveries and great strategies arise, which is why we are investing even more to build the basis for a solid recovery.

Each of us must, as a single person, as a worker or as an entrepreneur, contribute to overcoming this period with a great sense of social responsibility; we believe it is essential to minimize the impact of this crisis on the payments and receipts of each supply chain.

People have always been the main and constant point of reference for everything we do and even today we want to guarantee payments to all our suppliers and all our employees, as we have always done and as we will do especially in these circumstances.

We therefore ask you customers to respect the deadlines to contribute together to the achievement of the common goal: to work together to leave all this behind us.

Sure to find the right allies in all of you, we extend our best wishes and greetings.